Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Journry: in Guntersville Alabama 2005

We got to the Fema park. It was really a Beautiful state park. Fema just loaded it up with trailers. But there were hardly any survivors living there. Thats something I can't figure out either. The last year I've been in a daze, just bewildered and depressed and you'll just have to excuse some of my words , I guess. My mind goes faster than I can write. And believe me it takes me a while to write, as I only use 1 finger. LOL Anyway back to my journey: Friends of mine and in-laws, and neices & nephews of Wills lived there. So we were at least thankfull we weren't alone there. Sally & Ed had a nice house 3 blocks from the beach in Waveland. And lil Ed & Sam lived in Bayside park, they have a 1 yeay old. And now shes due again soon. It was beautiful at the park. I guess thats what helped me keep my sanity. They had 18wheeler trucks there filled with clothes, food, and home essencials. So that helped us all. Well Ed & Sally's house was completely swept away. And Lil Ed & Sam's house got water in it, had to have it bulldozed. So we were all in the same boat. It was getting quite cold there in Ala. The man folk would get wood and build us big fires to sit around. We had alot of times sitting around that fire talking and dreaming, and remembering.We cried alot and we laughed alot. And worried a whole lot. .......... Sally & Ed lived a couple blocks from where these pictures were taken....God Bless........................

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