Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Journey: Going Home, February 2006

The flow well : above The 2nd. R.V.

We went looking for a R.V. Well I finally found one, I figured I could live in if I had to. And I shouldn't have much trouble selling it once I didn't need it anymore. So we spent days loading it up with our goods. This time I got full coverage ins. on it. So we decided we'd drive it home and leave it there. Then come back and get the truck and the U-haul to pull the motorcycle home. In the meantime Will had called Trentt Lott and that got Fema moving on the ball. Fema called Will and set up a date to come inspect to put him his fema trailer. So the United way bought us a well pump, {ours had blown away}. Anyway we left that park and went home.We just took the R.V. home and stayed about a week.In Pearlington the Red Cross was at the school feeding people each day. So that was great. We got some of the front yard cleared off. But we had to head back to Alabama to get the rest of our stuff. We stopped by the flowwell in Picayune while we were passing by there. They cleaned it up alot, there was trees all around it last year when we were using it, but now they'd cut them all back. The water still tasted so good. I guess they cleaned it up because it saved so many peoples lives. Will finally got his fema trailer around the end of Feb. And I finally got mine the end of April......................God Bless.....................................

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