Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Journey: getting close to Christmas 2005

This is the mountain above the campground , the geese are in the lake at the campground and the other picture is our Christmas dinner. The other two are my Christmas tree. You can go to : and look up Sunday December 25, 2005 and read the article about us there. It starts on the front page and is called "Living and Celebrating".

this is my tree !
Days have came and gone, and all the days were like the last.We decorated a little to try to get in the Christmas spirit. I bought a 12" tree to give Sally & Eddie. I bought a 3' tree one for me & one for Will. They had optic lights on them and were real pretty. People from the "GADSDEN Times" newspaper came and did a interview on us to put in the paper on Christmas day. It was about the survivors spending Christmas away from home. So we were in that paper. Some of the people in the park were in the Huntsville paper also I think. All the friends and family came for Christmas again to cook and spend Christmas with us.None were my family tho. I was just busy on the phone with Fema asking why I didn't have a trailer on my land yet. Days came and days passes. I finally got fed up and said I wanted to look for another R.V. again so I could go home. Now you couldnt get any help unless you were home. You had to get on lists to get a shed, a list to get your debris removed. Etc... I have yet to this day gotten a shed. All my stuff I was able to keep or have accumliated is just sitting on the ground covered with a tarp. I get tired of asking people for things. Well Christmas came and went, it was a very depressing time for me........... God Bless ......................

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