Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Journey: my 1988, 883 Sporster "Ruined"

Well this is what my Harley looks like now, after going thru the hurricane, on the left side, and left bottom left pictures. The ones on the right side are of me and a friend, he's the one that got it running! I guess it will have to be completely torn down and redone to be any good. I'll tell you the story of my bike. One of my bestest friends owned the bike. She found out in Oct. 2001 that she had breast cancer, and I found out in Dec. 2001. Her's was found too late. They caught mine early. We both went thru surgery about the same time. And radiation, and chemo. So at least we had each other to lean on. We would go to "Look Good, Feel better" together, The American Cancer Society has it for cancer patients. And we'd go to the meetings and walks. Well my friend Jamie went thru alot of pain and grief. She had a young daughter,4. Also a daughter 21. Me and another friend got together and gave a benefit for her. So her last Christmas was a good one for her baby girl. Well as far as her gifts, not her mom dying on Christmas day. She left us Christmas day 2004, and went to a better place. At least she is out of pain. And it snowed that day, it was like a blizzard here. But one of her last wishes was to see her bike run again. A good friend of mine helped me work on it and get it running.It was only the linkage. So she got her wish, it was running again.I rode it a few times before the hurricane. Anyway she left me her bike. Now I don't know if I'll ever get the money to redo it...It will have to wait until after I fix my trailer, or something to live in. Well.........God Bless..............................................................................

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