Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Journey: The next few days Sept.1st....2005

The next two weeks were very hectic. We'd go from Picayune, to Bay St. Louis, to Pearlington, to Stennis. Any place we could to try to get ice, and food, and essentials. And try to check on Will's four kids and friends. It was a good week before the military got set up any place close to us. One day we went to Pearlington and there were people at the Fire station. We were so Happy to see our neighbors and friends, especially the one's we knew wouldn't leave their home for even a 50ft. wave. Actually I think we got a 30ft. wave. Anyway at the fire station they had a few sandwiches, and drinks. And soon they started getting in living essentials, like tooth paste, soap, some clothes and stuff like that. I think the first place we got MRE's was in Waveland. They gave us water and ice too. You had to wait in long lines to get the stuff, but we were happy to get it. There weren't any gas stations open anywhere. Thank God for Will's little wrecked car, it got 400 miles to a tank of gas. So we drove that wrecked heap around. One day we went out to find goods and the military were set up in Picyaune. So we got in that line. They gave us a bag of apples, a 25lb. box of frozen chicken legs and theighs, water and ice. We went back to camp and Will fried chicken outside in a pot all evening. Boy that was the best chicken we ever ate. As soon as they gave us the bag of apples we bit into one. It was so good and juicy, it was unbelievable, it was the first real food we'd had. Besides a sandwich from the Pearlington fire dept. We had fried chicken for about four days, it was a shame but we couldn't keep it cold and had to get rid of the rest, we were way out in the wilderness, not close to anybody. After about 10 days or so Will decided he wanted to go to his mom's and get his motorcycle, so we went. They had some bad wind and rain but nothing like we had on the coast. We didn't stay long. His mom never offered us a bath or anything to eat or a bed to rest in. So Will was really hurt and mad. Needless to say we didn't get any help from his family. And I have no family in this area, my son & his family live in Front Royal,Va. and I have a sister & her family live in Spotsylvania, Va. and A brother in Texas, and a sister in Seguin, Texas. My father died last Nov, he was in a Veterans home in Texas, but had lived in Canyon Lake Texas, and a sister in Crossville, Tenn. That's a whole other story which will be coming soon. So that's what filled our days, going here and there and trying to figure out what we were going to do. Our plans were to go to Tenn. to my sisters. But not being able to get gas any place had us at a standstill. And I had some money wired to me to Walmart, but couldn't get it anyplace either. My check wasn't due till the 3rd. and Will couldn't get any money out of atm machines. And do you know Wellman didn't ever send him his pay for two months, which was a month's worth of pay. And the biggest thing there wasn't any place to spend any money! Ha !! One day we did go to the Kiln to try and get some phone service. After about 50 tries of calling my son the phone finally rang. We both cried. At least now he knew I was alive. He wanted me to call him back, but I was afraid of loosing a signal to him and others were waiting to try to get a signal too, but the phone didn't ever get a signal again that day.I had a Angel on my shoulder..................... God Bless................................................

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