Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Journey:Arsenic in Pearlington !! From Katrina!!!


Today I found out about Pearlington is covered with Arsenic!!! I read it in one of the Pearlington blogs. It was also in our newspaper "The Sun Hearold" but don't know when. A scientist did a study and found out three places along the coast where all the mud and sludge got was full of arsenic. He said it was in the River beds and Lake Ponchatrain, and I think the Gulf too. And the waves from Katrina brought it in. Our houses and streets were filled with all that funk. It smelled. It was unbearable. I always wear shoes. But what about our shoes tracking it in? Or my dog going outside in it?? Hummmmm , it said also that its making people sick. People are sick, and can't figure out whats wrong with them? The last month I've felt like I had the flu. I said "I don't think flu lasts that long. That did worry me about coming home. I take a pill for my cancer every day, and it makes me wonder. It's something for everybody to think about. Just a thought I wanted to let people know about. If they don't kill us with all the chemical plants they have around here, I guess they'll get rid of us with arsenic. Here is a link to read about the arsenic found here: ..............God Bless.........................

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