Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Journey: The next day

Me and Will gathered all our belongings together, and got all our stuff into our vehicles. We couldn't stay at Terry's. They really didn't have food or water or any essentials stocked up. We had packed all the necessary goods, that would keep me and Will going for a week or so. Plus we had brought our camping cook stuff. His cousin Earl lived on the out skirts of Picayune, and had a flow-well near his land. We knew if we went there we could survive. We'd have water. Earl and Kathy have a mobile home they are redoing, a boat with a big cabin,and a few other things that could be used for a shelter. Well we found a peice of a matress and made a bed in the old trailer. I think there were other critters living in there too, but at least it was better than our cars. Kathy and Earl moved into the boat. We had food and stuff that kept us going until the military got there. Thank God we had stuff, Earl and Kathy had nothing. In the day time I thought I was having a heat stroke. I'd been disabled since 1995, so was pretty spoiled with air condition. I kept it on 70* at home. Thank God we had some electrolite pills, which helped alot. And we'd go to the flow-well and sit under it and cool off. Our dog would get under it too. We would bath there, and wash our clothes there. And haul water back for cooking and drinking. We'd go there before we laid down to cool off so maybe we could get some sleep. Between the heat and mosquitos and other critters, it was rough. Then you'd lay there and your mind would wander and all you could do was cry and think about everything you owned was gone........God Bless......

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