Monday, August 07, 2006

My Journey: its August 2006

I've lost track of days. When we first got back it was a day to day job trying to clear off the front part of my yard. We finally got it cleared enough to get the R.V., and 2 fema trailers in here. It was alot of back bending, sweaty work. The R.O.E. which is the corps of engineers came and inspected my property. They wanted me to have my house and my mobile home both bulldozed down. But we kept thinking the trailer was salvagable. So I decided to try and save my trailer. It was all I have left. With no insurance and no money it was my only hope.Neither me or Will could go into that trailer to get rid of all the stuff inside. Finally I had a church group come and they emptied the trailer of all its contents. They were from N.Y., and they were wonderful people. I never could have done it, it was too heart breaking. And my health won't let me. There wasn't much that could be saved. It was heart breaking to see all my wordly possesions out there on the street waiting to be picked up by the garbage trucks. And having to look at it day after day for a couple weeks. Then after awhile another church group came in and over a week or two they gutted out my trailer. They were a great bunch from Felton, California. They were the Felton Presbyterian Youth Group. Such a great bunch of young guys and girls. They worked so hard . It was so hot, but that didn't discourage them a bit. Well then I had a big problem. I had to get my trailer off the ground and back up on blocks. I couldn't get any volunteers to do it. I called and called businesses to try to get someone to do it. I finally got a company. I was on a month waiting list and it cost me $2,700.00 to get it done.And fema gave me a total of $5,000.00 to repair my trailer, Ha what a joke! But now at least i'm at a point where maybe I can do something. but what I don't know. I've been spraying inside with bleach for the mold. Which really the mold wasn't too bad. We had left windows open before we'd left here last September, which I think helped. Thankfully I have a well built trailer. It has plywood floors and 2x4's in it. I think there are a very few trailers left here that are in pretty good shape. Most of the people that had trailers, there wasn't much left of them. So I feel I am luckier than others. At least I have something to work with. ................................... The picture of the volunteers are on the matress, and in the street.They were the one's that took everything out of my trailer. The other picture is how it looks now since I've gotten it re-leveled, and put back on blocks...I keep in touch with a few of the girls, I'll have to ask them if they can e-mail me a picture to post on here............................................. GodBless.........................................................

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