Friday, August 04, 2006

My Journey: Getting out of Ms(finally).Sept.2005

<- this was how my poor dog felt, us too !!!

After about two weeks we decided to try to get out of here. We couldn't get any help from anybody. We went to a Red Cross shelter they opened in Picyaune, they said they were too overwhelmed to do anything for us but give us a bed. We had a dog and couldn't stay there with a dog.We had a bed, just No House. We asked the Red Cross in Waveland and the Police, and the Military. Nobody could help or do anything. We did go by our friends house where we stayed for the hurricane. A Fema man was there filing a claim for their neighbor. Their central air condition went out. We asked the man for help. He said we had to call Fema, he was a adjuster. We couldn't even get phone service!! We then had to try some how to get in the line at the super Walmart in Picayune. They got generators, so they could pump gas. But they were rationing it, plus a curfew was for 6:oopm. So we decided we'd go there and just camp for the night. Well we got there and Will had on his Security uniform, hoping it would help! Well he went and talked to the guy at the end of the line. He said "if you watch the end of the line for me I'll let you fill up." So it worked out real good, he let us fill both vehicles up. So we got packed up and ready for our trip to Tenn. We figured at the time it would be best to go there so we could figure things out, and try to get some kind of help. We left early the next morning.Will rode his motorcycle. We drove and the sights all the way up I59 were bad. The whole state of Ms. had destruction. We got to Ala. welcome center and took a break. We got to talking to one of the welcome center ladies and she told us that Red Cross would pay for us to stay at a motel. So she called ahead and got us a room outside Birmingham. We ended up staying there 3 or 4 days. We had a bed, a t.v., a shower, and air conditioning, and a telephone!! We thought we'd gone to Heaven. God Bless......

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