Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Journey:Living in Guntersville,Ala. Fema Park, 05

Everyday was trying to find out info. from Fema, and just trying to make it another day. I had Fema reps. at the Fema # tell me they were too overhelmed to help. Others would tell you anything just to get rid of talking to you on the phone. We applied for Fema trailers on our land, but no word , except we were on a list. The park had so many deer , we would feed them. They somehow helped take the pain away a little. Well at least we had something else to put our minds on. So days then weeks and months would go by. It was raining alot. And getting colder and colder. We definetely needed a fire if you wanted to spend any time outside. The United Way people came and helped us as to what extent they could. They got us into doctors if we needed one. And stuff like that. They helped people get work done on their vehicles. All kinds of good stuff they'd do for us. They were a great bunch of people. Thanksgiving was getting close, me and Will signed up at the office to get a dinner brought to us by the local churches. I told Sally about it , and they all signed up too. Well we all got a surprise. Sally & Ed's kids all got together and came up and we all had a home cooked dinner. It was great, we used a smoker and a BBQ grill, and everybodys stove & ovens. It was great !! But seeing all them made me more home sick, and Ed was in the hospital in Huntsville with a bad staph infection he got when they operated on his shoulder. It was real bad for a while. Thank God he did finally pull thru and got better. Wills trailer top picture. The other is mine. These are some of the deer.The deer would be in herds. We watched babies with spots grow up. It was a sight seeing them run and play. A few times a big ole buck would get close and they"d blow at you. They love peanutbutter and bread. Some of them would eat bread out of your hand. The one deer is licking peanutbutter off of that stump. You could ride around the park and see the same deer at the same place everyday waiting for a hand out. You would see 10 to 20 deer at a time. They'd walk all thru the park, they weren't very scared of people. When you rattled that bread bag they knew it. Will used to put peanut butter on the end of a stick and they would lick it off. They were great.....God Bless...................

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