Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Journey:September 2, 2006

<- whats breeding in here??

Well another day has passed. Everyday seems like yesterday and tomorrow. They're all about the same. I was suppost to see my oncolongists, but cancelled my appt. Just scared to go , but I know I need to. I found another another report about the Aresnic and toxins in the ground in this area. They tell us its here, then someone else says its not here. My belief is: its here. I wish I had the money to buy a sm. piece of land north of here. Oh well, I'll keep dreaming. I wish they would admit the truth to us. Its the govt. bull crap they do. If the toxins from the sewers, the chemical plants, gas stations, peoples houses, septic tanks, boats, dead animals, Stores{ thousands of toxins in Walmart & K-mart} , and auto stores, oil change garages, all kinds of ship building companys, gas companys, the toxins in the water and on every inch of land the water of Katrina was on !!! And thats a fact. And they say too much milk can give breast cancer!! YOWW , I wonder what this soupy toxic blend will do to us?? We not only have that to worry about, but also the state bird, the MOSQUITO !!!!!!!!!!!! It only carries about 200 different sicknesses !! So which way do u want to go???? This is the article:
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