Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Journey: The Pearlington bar"The Turtle Landing"

This is our local gathering place to get a nice dinner, or a cold drink, or to just sit around and sing or listen to some karokee., by ms ann. They are right on one of the bayou's that come off lake bournne. Mark and Jeanne went thru alot since the storm. They put up big tents so people could still have a place to go to. They have moved the bar and tables back inside now. So it's coming along nicely. They still are far from finished but it's going to take time just like everything else. The kichen is open and you can get some good food there. From hamburgers to shrimp poor boy's, and anything in between. Their softshells are the greatest when they're in season. They are located on hwy.90 just down the road from 604 coming south out of pearlington. They are great people. God Bless them and you all too .......................................

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judyb said...

Turtle Landing sounds like a great place to go!!! Hubby & I may have to venture in from Slidell for dinner one evening.

Thanks for your website.