Monday, September 18, 2006

My Journey: 9/18/06 Another Monday

Well here we are again starting a new week. I just been regrouping, trying to get some rest , and the regular grocery , etc.. I did get me a cheap, I mean like $20.00 camera yesterday. Don't know yet how the pictures are going to be, but I had to have one! I guess pictures is one of my addictions. Speaking of addictions, I'm going to TRY to give up smokin. I bought some of that gum, hope it will do the trick. I got one pack of cigs left , I'm telling myself thats it, and trying to wean off ! I really do want to quit, I think I can do it this time. There are people addicted to really bad drugs, and if they can quit and get off crack, and pills , and all those addictions, I should be able to quit these dam cigs. I pray, and hope I can do it. I'm "PROUD" of the people I know that have given up the bad habits! I've given up most of mine since I've gotten old, and all my health problems. Smokin is going to be hard, but I know it's killing me. Or at least taking away some of my years. And as miserable as it is I want to be around to see my grandson graduate, and my son & daughter-n-law {my daughter} grow old together. And me & Will grow older together! Ha! I'd really like to move back to Va. so I could be around them, and my little sister. And my cousin, and my sister-n-law. She's really my ex-sister-law, but shes like a sister to me! I'm beginning to think there isn't really nothing here for me. There are 80 thousand or so people homeless around here. So I probably don't have a chance with getting help. I guess I'll see.
I was looking thru my photo albums and found some pictures I haven't posted yet, so here are a few. They are mostly BaySt.Louis and Waveland. A few are in Waveland where Will used to have a house on Perone St. This picture is where his house was. He didn't live there at the time of the storm, but it makes you think. This was a few blocks off the beach. Anyway I'm having trouble posting pictures this morning, don't know if it's blogger or my internet. I'm going to reboot, and try to post them again. ..................................God Bless.................................................

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