Monday, January 01, 2007

My Journey: some thoughts about C.C.," who she is"

For the people that are wondering, "Who is C.C. ? Well she is a Angel sent from heaven to the people of Mississippi.
When the Hurricane hit she was home in Hammonton, N.J. Well she was told to come here and take some pictures. She headed this way, and ended up in BaySt.Louis, Ms. She saw the devestation and the destruction. And the many survivors left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. No where to lay down their heads, except in the mud on the streets. No food, unless you were luckly to have some with you. No water, nothing to quinch your thirst in the 100 plus degree heat. No ice, even if you had something to drink. You felt like you were going to have a heat stroke being your body was used to 70* air condition. Then all of a sudden you were plopped into 110* or above temperatures. The stench of the smell. The dead animals laying all around. Dead dogs on chains that drowned. Sea Gulls flying so low on Hwy. 90, they were delerious, getting hit by the vehicles. Dead salt water fish laying dead every where , they had come in with the tidal surges. Just the funk every where. It was like a million bombs had went off for hours and hours. I wondered if it was ever going to end. Anyway back to C.C. I'm sure she saw some of this , I know she did coming here right after the storm. Anyway she stayed here a bit over a week. She left, went home, told her landlord she was moving, packed up her stuff, with her 21yr. old son's help. Loaded it in a U-Haul , and headed back to BaySt.Louis, Ms. She got here, gave all her belongings to hurricane victims and then started her relief efforts.A small camper trailer at McDonald ball field was her home until recently. She is getting so discouraged and wondering what she should do now to get the support she needs. Please check out her web page. They want you to write Oprah, to try to get her on the show. That would be great !! Here is her address: .....................God Bless...........................

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