Monday, January 01, 2007

My Journey: "January 1,2007" "A New Year"

Well today is the beginning of a New Year! I'm praying for everyone that things will get back to normal.Ha, Ha, what is normal?? I know we haven't known NORMAL for a long, long time. It's been a Longggggggg, Longggggggggggggg Journey. We have come a long way on this ride. And the ride's not over yet. It's been up's and down's, and over and under. And inside out, and outside in." It's just been the worst ride of my life. "I think its taught alot of people the real important things about life. Some will never get it, but most will. If you've survived Katrina, then you've been on the ride of your life. God will see us threw the rest of this journey, he didn't get us to this point to just abandon us. We are still here for a reason, and I want to find out what it is. Really it's not been all bad. I've met alot of good people that I would have never met before. And they have been black and white, male and female, young and old, big and little, doctors and dishwashers,the rich and the poor. And so on and so on. I remember last year just before Christmas, at the Guntersville State Park, where I was staying. They had a community building there. A man that lived in the area had a portable bandsaw mill and he'd been to the park before clearing out the dead cedar trees. His name was J.W.Fleming. And they had a woman that lived in the area and she owned a Ceramic shop/"Taylord Mud", in Guntersville.I think her name was Wilma. They each brought their crafts to the park for us. He brought slices of the beautiful cedar wood, and pinecones, and that type of stuff. And she brought us unpainted Christmas ornaments and animal ornaments to paint. We got to pick out what we wanted to make. They helped us if we needed help. I put 2 pinecones on my slice of wood, and painted a doe and a fawn. Mr. Fleming screwed a screw into the pinecones to look like a tree. And I had glued little berries on them for the ball ornaments. There was about 5 of us making something, and it was fun to get together and make them. And we painted our pieces, then glued them onto our slice of wood. It gave us a cherished piece of art work, especially for Christmas. And it was something to do on a cold and rainy day, stuck hundreds of miles away from home, in a Fema trailer. We had fun with our friends , and were very grateful to the both of them for caring about us.........................God Bless.............

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