Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Journey: Our Haven from Katrina's Wrath 8-29-05

This is the house we stayed in for the land fall , and a day or two after. Terry, Pam's brother had just bought the house two weeks before the storm. He had just retired from the Navy, and came home from Italy. So he was waiting for his furniture and belongings to be shipped to him, which took months. So every body that was there had to grab a piece of the floor to sleep on. Terry had a blow up matress in his room. Pam & Gary were in another room on the floor. Pam's daughter & her husband were in another room. One of Gary's son's was on the living room floor along with me & Willy. We were on the living room floor in front of the fireplace. And boy was it scary. All that noise coming down threw there. Our dog had to stay in the garage, but at least we had him with us.I just knew we were goner's. We got there Sunday evening , and it was already getting bad out there. We didn't leave Pearlington till 3:00pm on Sunday. And thank goodness we only went 30 miles or so north-east of Pearlington.Up threw the Kiln and down Hwy.43 ten to fifteen miles. Later on that night the garage door sounded like it was going to be yanked off the house, the winds were blowing straight towards the garage. And at that time it was just a open field with nothing there. So Terry & Willy went out and moved vehicles right against the door outside and inside. If the door would have blew off, it probably would have tore the house up good. All we could hear was the cracking of trees all around us. Lucky he didn't have any trees in his yard either. We watched t.v. until we lost the channel. Then it really got scary......................God Bless...........................................

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