Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Journey: "SOME" of the "Chicago" Bears people

I cannot believe the comments and actions of some of these people. You do-not treat people like that. Its stupid all because of a football game, and where the team is from. Haven't we been thru enough bull crap? NO, We still get it everyday from some place. We the people of MS., Louisana, Texas, Alabama , Florida have had our whole lives destroyed, taken away from us, everything we owned. And it WASN'T OUR CHOICE !!!!! We did-not decide we wanted to move, or sell our houses, or be UP-ROOTED, and our lives destroyed in one day. We didn't ask for Katrina to come here and take away every little thing but the clothes on our backs. The same as the California people ask for the earth quakes, do you think they are happy when it happens? Or all these people wanting all this snow and ice storms? Are they HAPPY their getting it? Do they deserve it? Or deserve to be treated the way some people are treating us "SURVIVORS"? We are not ALIENS ! We live and breath, just like you do ! Black or white, or pink or purple. It just makes me sick. The eruption at Yellowstone National Park that trapped and killed all those people. Did they deserve it? Did they want it? You people aut to be treated the same way, the ones doing this. Or the Tsusami? Did they all deserve it? Or our young men and women in Iraq. Do they deserve it? Are they HAPPY to be getting killed? No wonder the country is in the shape its in. Due to assholes that are the ones treating us so bad!! The tragedy of 9-11, did those people want it, or deserve it? Yes there are bad people here, just like there are bad people in Chicago, or Houston, or Washington D.C. or New York, or all across the world. Most of the bad ones were here before Katrina hit, its nothing new. Yes, as far as I'm concerned , I get tired of hearing about NewOrleans. Because of the fact, I live in a small town that was ground zero. Not N.O. They only got it because of the levees.But they got it. I live in a town that was very forgotten. When you do get news about the Ms. Gulf Coast, they'll mention Waveland, BaySt.Louis, even Clairmont Harbour, But NEVER PEARLINGTON. But its Ok. There are people that are good and helping us. They make up for the bad ones that think we should all be just left homeless. What goes around, comes around. When we were in Crossville, Tennessee I had a few women at the food stamp office say some bad stuff, well I confronted them and told them I would pray for them because they were the ones that needed the prayers.I think I freaked them out, but it was true. I said that to them, then turned and left. Also when we were at the State Park in Guntersville Alabama, they had some real asshole people around there too. One was the man in charge of MEMA, I think it was. He was a real jerk towards us, the survivors. Some survivors that were there were told they couldn't go outside at night to the lake to fish, or to do anything ! Now that was pretty bad, not right. I don't know whats with the people that act that way. Are they jealous, they wanted the hurricane? Or idiots? Or simple minded? Or what? I guess, ALL of the above! I've had a few people here say things like,"if it had been a little bit more towards the west, we woulda got it too." I really think some of them really wanted to be in on it. Well they can all have it. I hope if it ever happens again, the ones that are wishing they had gotten it, do get it ! Thank God for all the GOOD people. Espically all the GOOD ones that are here helping us, or all the ones helping in anyway they can. I want to say a BIG THANK-You !!!.....................God Bless......................................

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