Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Journey: "Gary & Pam's New House"

This is our friend's new house. We're all so happy for them! They lived at LaFrances, and nothing but some pilings were left of their house. They did get some of their stuff out, like their motorcycles, his tools,her landscaping stuff. They loaded stuff like that for a couple days, but not one stitch of clothes, for either of them. That's my best friend for ya ! I love them to death. That's who we weathered the storm out with at her brother's house.You would think they'd be so happy, but they're not. And they have a beautiful new house.But they both say it's not the same. I know what they're talking about. They did have a nice house on the bayou.There were always people there visiting with them, fishing, boiling seafood, frying fish, swimming in the pool, going for a boat ride, or just sitting around talking. And we'd been having our Annual BlowOut Party there on Memorial week-end for the last 5 years.When the big BlowOut Biker rally in Gulfport was going on, we had our own.We'd have the weenie bite, the slow ride, the balloon toss. And have our own T-shirts printed up. We do miss that!! We had so much fun. And no close, nosy neighbors.Now they have a few neighbors, which one has 3 kids, and they come over just as if it were their home.And they aren't used to that at all. Well they're used to kids, but not that way.They say they'll come over and just walk right in, no knocking, nothing ! Little kids ! But their neighbor beside them is her brother. And the people they got the land from are really good people and good friends now. And last Christmas they got a Christmas Miracle Blessing! The people that owned the land gave them the miracle, the deed to their land !! WOW, what a gift. See, there are good, wonderful people helping all over. And they do make up for all the bad ones. Hopefully they'll be happy and content in time, but it will never be the same..............God Bless......................

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