Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Journey: " CC Here HOPE "

CC, I know some ,{ alot} about the way you feel. I just found out alot about the last 17 months since Katrina hit. It's a whole, whole lot of changes I've went threw. Not only me, but millions of people. But I'd like to speak for myself. I can feel the hurt for you CC. Thats what I've been going thru, and the depression. And the crying, thinking nobody cares. And just not wanting to deal with any of the bull crap any more. I'm not talking about suscide. I'm talking about getting all my stuff together, hooking my vehicle onto the R.V. and just hitting the road. I don't want to bother you with my whole story, if your interested you can read my blog!! But after we got out from here, and things were looking better. We had gotten a Winnebago, and things we needed to survive in Ms. , clothes, canned food, the necessities. Anyway we were heading home and the R.V. caught on fire and we lost everything again. So its been a double whammie. I've been dealing with it. It's hard, but you have to BELIEVE and go on. and "Believe in Miracles" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God knew just how much I could take, I was pondering the decision of what to do when Mr. Joe called me, about the house! He was my Miracle Blessing !! So I will pray for you that you will find the answer your looking for! CC, out of the word- POTHOLE, comes HOPE !!! And when Life serves you a LEMON- make LEMONADE
..........................................God Bless...............................................

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Nikeroo said...

Ahhh, a terrible hail storm just hit my hometown partly destroying thousands of homes. Your blog is very orgininal. Well done for telling a story of recovery that few others have told.

survivor said...

Thank-you nikeroo. I'm so sorry to hear about your home town. May God Bless your town with caring people like we have had here. I don't know what we'd be doing without all these people here helping us.I do know it would be a lot different for us all. God has blessed us with many, many caring people, that we can never repay our graditude. God Bless you and yours. You are in my prayers.