Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Journey: Charity Controversy in Waveland

In Newspaper,
Donation investigation : Waveland cops try to seize relief files in Bay ------>>>>>
Waveland, Request for audit by state loses steam------------------------------>>>>>
Longo Grilled about Charity-------------------------------------------------->>>>>>> ------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>
Volunteer Kathleen Johnson with Waveland Citizens Group , GNC- interview
with Tommy Longo, mayor of Waveland--------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Waveland Donations Held Hostage: goods sit in warehouse under hostage ! Owner won't release them to owner of goods or the 501(c)3 !!!! ----------->>>>>>>>
Waveland Controversy Deepens- GNC Report-------------->>>>>>>>>>>>
Files Hold Key to Charity Controversy:

This is a bad, bad situation also. I signed up with Kathleen Johnson for the Long Term Recovery. And the reason is because that is the office for Hancock County.
And because I live in Pearlington, and wasn't getting any help here so figured I;d try my luck there. I went to other charity organizations in Waveland & BaySt,Louis and they all told me NO, PEARLINGTON is NOT in their area. But yet the PEARLINGTON RECOVERY CENTER here serves ALL of HANCOCK County. And people even that live in Slidell & Diamondhead, Picayune, And ALL OVER come here to get stuff. But no-one else will help us. Even when the trucks come here at the end of the month with all the goods from Florida, Well ALL of HANCOCK COUNTY comes here and gets stuff. I haven't gotten a thing from the trucks, its not worth fighting with all the people to wait for hours and not get anything. So why doesn't everybody STOP being so SELFISH with ALL THIS DONATED STUFF AND SHARE IT ???? Some tell Us, No you CAN"T HAVE IT, IT"S FOR THE VOLUNTEERS!! OTHER"S say, NO YOU AREN"T IN MY AREA !! NO, I DON"T LIKE YOU !! I Want To GIVE IT TO MY FRIEND, OR I MIGHT NEED IT MYSELF !! OR I PROMISHED IT TO THIS ONE OR THAT ONE. OH NO, YOU CAN"T have it cause YOU didn't STAY here and SUFFER with us the WHOLE TIME !! Oh NO , You AREN"T OLD ENOUGH, DISABLED YES, BUT NOT OLD ENOUGH. Oh You ASKED A BAD QUESTION SO I"M NOT GOING TO HELP YOU NOW !!!! OH, YOUR NOT THE RIGHT COLOR, SO & SO can have it cause they COOK US LUNCH Everyday. OH YES, YOU CAN HAVE IT, OH They named a STREET or SCHOOL after Your Dad SO YES YOU CAN HAVE IT. !! I'm so sick of these type of people and all the SENSELESS BITTERNESS. OH you saw me taking some stuff & I told you I took ONLY $600.00 from the CENTER, so now I don't like you, YOU MIGHT TELL SOMEBODY AND I DON'T WANT THEM TO BELIEVE YOU.
....................................OH GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH- GOD BLESS........................

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