Friday, November 10, 2006

My Journey: " Road Zoom Video Camera "

This is really neat ! It's a video drive thru with a 360* video camera mounted to the roof, and you can pan it around as it drives thru the rubble as if you were really there !! It requires flash and the latest browsers to be able to use it. Boy the things they are coming up with these days, the new technology is great !! It has alot of different things to look at. Some of them are: The Bay bridge, A Soldiers mom, The casino Magic, A tour along the beach, tours of streets around the beach area, The Court House, The Old Houses, Fema trailer parks, It's just amazing to look at all the videos. Hopefully it will give you a better insight of what its like around here.

I hope you are able to use it. Hopefully it will give people a better look at the devastation here on the gulf coast. ...............God Bless............................

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