Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Journey: " The last Palm Tree at Logtown"

This is the last Palm Tree among a group of three that grew along the roadside going to the boat launch at Logtown. I can remember seeing three of them years ago, "25"or so years ! They had to be about 40' tall or maybe more. I'm sure they had to be old also. Probably some of these old timers around here could tell me more about them. Or there might be something in the book they did on Logtown, if anyone still has the book. But this is the last of them! She stood thru many storms, blowing winds, and freezing winter nights. If only she could tell us stories of what see saw standing so tall looking at things for miles and miles around her. There is alot of History concerning Logtown. I've seen a White headed Eagle going down that road. It flew from tree to tree all the way down the road. It would fly 50' or so, then sit on a limb, then it would take off after a minute or so, and fly to the next tree. It just kept doing that for at least a good mile. It was beautiful. I wished so bad I'd had a camera with me.I've walked those woods and found alot of old bottles and peices of china. All kinds of stuff where the old homesteads were. I know where a Judge is buried there too. Judge Freeman Jones, I think is his name. I used to go there and put flowers by his headstone.I hope Katrina didn't move his headstone. When we found it, it was turned over, so we stood it up, and put some bricks around it. Katrina sure was a destructive Bitch. All the devestation she did that you don't really think about or see.It's a shame she had to take the last PalmTree..........God Bless..........................

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