Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Journey: N.J. Volunteer, "CC White"

This is a wonderful lady. She came down here to Bay St. Louis a week or so after the Hurricane and couldn't believe what she saw. She went back home to N.J. and got a U-Haul and packed all her stuff and came back here, with her son Tony. She gave all her belongings to the Hurricane Survivors and moved into a trailer, and started helping people. She is a Gulf War Veteran. She retired, but says she still has the Gulf War syndrone. But doing this is medication for her. She wants nothing in return, and takes nothing in return. I say they need more CC White's in this world. God Bless her, I know she has a very special place when she goes "HOME" to the Lord. I know she will receive ten times fold what she has given to others. She should run for PRESIDENT of U.S. !!
Please look at her web site, it's very moving. The pictures and the little girl will bring a grown man to tears. ................God Bless.............................

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