Friday, October 13, 2006

My Journey: Well I'm back home now 10/13/06

I had a wonderful trip! I loved riding the train, it was my first time. I wasn't feeling very well the whole time I was there tho. I've got a cold or something. Thank-God I got rid of the rash. I must have had a allergy flare up. It was so wonderful seeing my son, daughter-n-law, and my grandson. And I did go to my mom's grave. The traffic was a diaster, it took me 10 hours to go from Stephens city to FallsChurch and back to StephensCity. I did stop at a store to buy flowers but that was all.There was all kinds of construction and just car after car and truck after trucks. I'm not used to that anymore! The weather was real nice and NO mosquitos!! The mountains were beautiful. I didn't want to leave there. I'd like to go again but stay 2 weeks or so the next trip, or move there for good!!! The camera I got isn't too good. I think I'm taking this one back too. Everytime I took a picture it would be all messed up. I was cutting everybodys head off. And I'd have the thing I was taking the picture focused real good and it would be in the upper or lower corner of the picture. I'm going to bed. I'll try to add a better post tomorrow. .....................God Bless........................................

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