Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Journey: 10/03/06 from Virginia

I'm having a great time, but figures, I've gotten a cold, or the West Nile ! And I hope it's not the latter, but I've got a rash so it's making me wonder. I haven't stopped since I got here it seem's like. I'm so home sick for this place and wanting to move back. But I know I can't. If I do get the state grant , I think they make you rebuild where your at, or in one of the six counties around you. It really doesn't make alot of sense to me.But thats the govt. for you. I've taken some pictures but I think I need to get a better camera. Here are a few. This one is the first mountain I saw heading toward Front Royal, Stephens City, Va. I'll post some more. One is my son and daughter-n-law on their motorcycle! My son, daughter-n-law and me, and his dad, they are going riding. My grandson sitting at the computer, but I cut off most of his head!! I'll get some better one's tho. I hope! My son is trying to get me to stay thru next week-end, I want to!
My son with his leather skull facemask ready for the cold ride ! I'll add some more pictures as I get them. I'm hoping to go to Falls Church to put flowers on my mom's grave. And go to Spotsylvania to see my little sister. But she works nights at the FBI in Quantico, so she sleeps in the day. And I want to see my house in Woodbridge where I grew up in Marumsco Hills. Boy I've got a lot to do in the short time I'll be here. .................God Bless...............................................

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