Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where do i begin? July 29,2006" Dedicate to my MOM"

<- I just took this picture when I was in Va.
This is one of the only pictures I have left of my mom, I'm dedicating this story for her,"MILDRED" The boy, David is my son and the girl is my neice, Jackie, I think this was in 1977.
I think it really began, back in Jan.1980. My mom had gotten sick over Christmas Holidays, with what we thought was a cold. But it was really her heart. It was the 17th. of Jan. I came home from the Technical school and had to ride past mom's to pick up my son. Everything seemed fine. Well the next night I passed and a neighbor stopped me and said my mom was in the hospital.That night my world crashed down on me. My mom passed away at 3;30 that morning. I was the only one there at the time. It was the hardest thing to do, having to go to that funeral. Anyway our step-father pretty much had nothing for us and thats that. I lost my apartment, my mom helped me pay my bills. I was divorced. She said stay in school and finish and you'll be doing good when you finish. I grew up in a small town in Northern Va. called Woodbridge. Anyway my family fell apart and I ended up in NewOrleans. That wasn't any place to raise a son, so I moved further north into Pearlington, Ms. I fell in love with this small town. It was a small knit community. I stayed and became a resident here. I've been here 25 years now, and it's my home. In the 25 years of living here we've went threw a few storms, but i've never had water in my house, the house is on a slab. And I lived in that house for 20 yrs. We had built the house, me & a ex, started in 82 or so. And I bought my trailer in 2001.....God Bless.......................

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