Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Journey: a day in my life: July30,2006

Well it rained again today. Which we still need badly. I went outside to put Frontline on my dog. I was out there a total of 5 minutes and got bitten about a dozen times by the mosquitos.When will they STOP??? We're all going to get the West Nile. I was reading yesterday's newspaper, a lady in Diamondhead poured a pot of boiling grease on her sleeping husband then drove off. Wow! Thats serious. This evening when Will got to work he called and said,"at the Fema park beside Port Beinville ,there was a big neighborhood fight." "The police were there" I just wonder what Katrina has really done to everybody. I think it's only going to get worse before it gets better. There is not enough help here for all the people. Whole towns just demolished. It's just like we were in a war. It is a war zone....... And sometimes I wonder Who's side are people on? It seems like the people that need help the worst are the one's not getting any help. Like at the recovery center, if you volunteer there they will help you. I'd love to do volunteer work, I tried and physically couldn't do it. And it makes you see things you wish you hadn't seen too. I saw Volunteers take stuff that should have been there for the victims. But No, the victims don't even get to see it. It's Pitiful. I think all the stuff being sent here for the community should be given to the community. Well thats enough on this subject for right now. I could go on but my blood pressure will go up. These pictures are the Pearlington Recovery center. The buildings, { Red & White ones} are bunk houses they built { i think 7 of them} for the volunteers to stay in. The brick building by white truck is our school, which they aren't opening back up. They've already torn some of it down. This is the web address for the recovery center: if you'd like to check it out. It is a very interesting blog....................... God Bless......................... Update on the volunteers that were taking stuff, I;ve been told the recovery center has gotten rid of those people. God Bless.............

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