Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Journey: August.28th.2005,packing&Leaving

Will got home from work at 6:00am. We were trying to decide what to take and what to do. We took his motorcycle to his mom's house in Ponchatoula,La. Got home and loaded up what stuff we could in both vehicles. Friends were suppost to come over and load up the 883 Sporster for me, but everything happening so fast, they couldn't make it.I was busy going around my home taking pictures ,and putting them into my computer and sending them to Walmart. Then I could pick them up later. Will kept telling me to hurry. I think we finally locked up at 3:30 or so. The last thing I did was hang a picture of Jesus on the inside of my storm door looking out. And we both said a prayer. We went to stay by friends about 20 miles north of here. Right above the Kiln. Our friend just bought the house 2 weeks before. He had just gotten out of the service and came home from Italy. Needless to say all his stuff was packed somewhere. So we all piled with what we had in different rooms of the house. Me and Will lucked out and got the spot in front of the fireplace on the floor. Our dog got the garage. Everbody just sorta layed around and wondered. Whats going to happen? Two of our friends lived in Ansley, right by the canal. It was her brothers house. Her daughter and future son-in-law was there too. And me and Will. And our dog. We layed and watched T.V. for as long as it was on the air. The news said once we didn't see them on air we knew it would be real bad. And by the time that happened it got real bad. The wind was blowing. It was rainging hard. The thunder and lightening. The wind was blowing the garage door back and forth. Will and Terry went out and moved vehicles on both sides of the door. If they hadn't we would had been in alot more trouble. Trees were cracking and crashing every where. This went on for a long long time. It was even scarier laying there beside that fire place with the crashes and winds howling and all that noise echoing down thru that fireplace. I knew this was the BIG one. But I had no idea just how BIG. These are some of the pictures of my trailer I took on the 28th of august, the day before the hurricane. I had a really nice trailer, 16x80, 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths.............................God Bless........................................................

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