Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Journey: Aug.27,05" freakin-out", taking pictures

I was going around the house trying to figure out what things I should pack. My boyfriend was at work. As he worked the night shift security work at a Plant at Port Bienville. I was listening to The Weather Channel. And just messing around as I usually did, on computer... I forget excatly what time of morning it was but The weather channel announced that Katrina wound be making landfall at La. Ms. line on a small town of Pearlington. I Freaked. I called my boyfriend. He Freaked. He then Freaked everyone in the plant out by putting the news from my T.V. on the loud speakers. Which was his job to alert of bad weather. At that point Katrina had a 50ft. wave of water in her eyewall, which was going to hit Pearlington. At that point I really freaked. My Boyfriend, I'll call Will, ok. Well Will said" I think its going to turn." I said "Yea right. Well I can't swim in 50ft. of water." I'm getting the _______ outta here. Are you with me or not? Will was with me. Needless to say I was up all night figuring out what to take in my small vehicle, plus the dog. Will had a junky old car we were taking also,it was good on gas. So I started taking pictures so I can sent them to Walmart so I can pick them up anyplace. Thinking, lord what are we coming back to if anything? I was so bummed out I didn't know what I was friggin going to do. I had alot of Native American Art work, some I bought, some me and Will made, and we'd trade too. Alot of $$$ we both had in crafts. I made a Seafood Wreath too. I'll finish the rest of the pictures tommorrow.................................................God Bless My Home ...................................

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