Monday, July 31, 2006

My Journey: August 31st, 2005 "My House"

We got to my yard. My mobile home was sitting on the ground.... My house was splitting apart. We couldn't budge the door on the house, so much stuff had moved around and was pushed against the door. We had a hard time trying to get into the trailer. But we finally did. You couldn't stand the smell. The inside was covered in mud and sludge. Everything was soaking wet , and it looked like a tornado had been in there. We had to squeeze between the back of the steps to get in the door. I was trying to get in as Will was trying to get out. He about ran me over. The smell was too much to bear. He said" you dont want to go in there." I said" yes I do." I finally made my way in, It was too much to take in. You could smell the death in there. I had 3 fish aquariums, all the fish had just swam out of their aquariums and were laying dead all over. I saw some on the window sills. That was all I could take, Will was right I didn't want to go in there.............................God Bless..................................

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