Monday, February 05, 2007

My Journey: "Rev. Samuel Bush Burton"

Rev. Sam Burton, of Pearlington passed away last week. His niece found him in his driveway. He was a life time resident and friends to all. He was a member of the 1st, Missionary Baptist Church, and lived across the street from it. right after the hurricane when we came here to look at my house, he's the one I told about that we gave a bag of potato chips to. He was just standing outside in the street in a daze. We asked him if he was ok, he wasn't we knew. Because we knew we weren't alright. We found out later him and his grandson had weathered the storm out up in a pecan tree. He had prayed to the Lord the whole time. He was a wonderful man. This is a picture of his house they are building. And a picture of his church, which they are also building, they tore the pictured church down. May he rest in peace, as he is home now. And God Bless his family and friends.There is a website you can read more about it. .............God Bless.....................

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