Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Journey: "Coming along on my house"

Pictures of them pouring cement in the piling holes !! These guys are workers !!

These guys left today. They are getting a new group for next week. Top (2nd. Picture) is me (left) and Pam (right). Gary, (in Blue shirt) standing there watching them work. And the rest are the guys working. And one picture is walls, floors, etc. I'm so excited! I cried yesterday, but it was" Happy Tears. " Pam did too!! Me and Willy & Taz went out there before the cement set up all the way and wrote some stuff, and put a few things into the wet cement !! Taz put his paw print in it.Behind me & Pam you can see stuff I tried to save, covered with tarps. But the tarps are leaking, so everything is ruined for sure now. I hope I can get materials to build a shed. I signed the list that the Pearlington Recovery Center had, a bunch of times, a year ago now, but haven't gotten a shed yet. Some people in town have 2 sheds. The wonderful thing about these young men, they were covered with mud and wet, down in those holes digging, and they were still laughing and having a good time, all day long. They were a delight to talk to.........................GOD BLESS............

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