Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Journey " Our Haven when we left Terry's house"

After Katrina we only stayed with Pam, Gary, and Terry a few days. We knew we couldn't stay there. All of us were just trying to survive. We left there and went to Cousin Earl's & Kathy's, just outside Picayune. They lived in Waveland, but had some land there. They had told us to come there for the storm, but we'd left our house so late. And the first place we came to was Terry's. Earl and Kathy had a BIG boat(middle picture) and a old trailer(top) they were rebuilding. No electric, or running water. We got there and got settled in as much as we could. We found a couple of couch cushions, and a peice of a small matress. But it was better than the floor. And we did have a roof over us. Kathy & Earl moved into the boat he had dry docked there! It looked like a Gilligan Island boat !! LOL Anyway, they didn't have a bit of food, but we did. We had essencials. A camp stove, pots&pans, and a coffee pot. The Artisian well was just a few blocks down the street. So we'd go there to get water and take a bath and wash clothes. And to just cool off, it was so hot. Before we laid down to sleep we'd go there and get cooled off, so maybe we could sleep. We stayed there until we left for Tennessee. But it was out in the sticks so we had to leave there everyday to try and get food and ice and water. We were happy when the Military finally got to Picayune. The first things we got were a bag of apples, ice, water, and a BIG box of chicken legs quarters. We thought it was steak! We had to go between Picayune and Waveland to get MRE's and ice, etc... And we still couldn't get gas anywhere. Or make any phone calls. No stores open. We had it better than alot of people tho,we saw people covered in mud, with nothing. It was so pitiful,unbelieveable, so sad ...................GOD BLESS.............

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