Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Journey: " From all across the World !!"

I just looked at my sitemeter. I checked on the hits by location, and saw Coatesville, Pa. That is where my mom was from !! She was born and raised in Pa. All her family. We always went there for Christmas, and in the summertime. My Grandpa Hoopes lived there, and worked at a hardware store all his life. My cousin Donnie, and my Aunt . My mom's mom, her brothers, and my great grandmother. We loved going there. Boy does it bring back memories !! At my Grandpa's there was a old lane we drove on to his house. It was a old farmhouse. He had a out-house. We took a bath in a big washtub. They would fill it with water out of the spring in the morning. Then the sun would heat the water all day. Then we'd take a bath. We'd chase the cows all over the farm, and correl them into a big stone built wall enclosure thing !! One time the cow turned and chased us !! They had a hand pump in the kitchen, which I thought was pretty neat. We'd play in the alphia field too, we'd lay in it & make tunnels thru it by flattening it down. I remember seeing alot of Amish families there. They'd ride in the buggies, pulled by their horses that had blinders on them.I liked hearing stories my grandpa and great grandma would tell us. I always slept with my great grandma, she'd tell me stories about coming to N.Y. from England. She had beautiful hats with the long, pretty hat pins. I just loved her to death. My mom, my grandma's and my aunt would get together and make donuts. Yummy, they sure were good. Oh, they were the good ole days. I wish I could go back to those days. It would snow so much, my dad would get out of the car and push us up the big hills because of the snow. And in the summer my mom would drive a little faster over them little hills and it would be like we were on a roller coaster. Our stomachs would do a doozie thing !!
Thanks Coatesville for the memories !!.........God Bless....................

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