Friday, December 15, 2006

My Journey: Recovering from "The Nothing"

" Recovering From The NOTHING "
Once upon a time the Nothing came. It passes over many lands, near and far.
Many villagers left and too many stayed. The villagers that stayed thought they could fight the Nothing, but they couldn't.
When the Nothing was gone, travelers from all the countryside came to help. The roads were impassable. Travelers had to climb and weave around trees, houses, boats and everything else you could imagine. The Nothing had scooped everything up, like a childs game of jacks and dropped it.
The travelers journeyed down the road until it came to a dead-end. In bewilderment , they couldn't believe their eyes. The bridge was broken - gone. It looked like a giant climbed out of the sea, stepped on and kicked the bridge around like building blocks.
The town nearest to the bay was said, that a man named Saint Louis had visited once.
The other town was a crescent shaped land where the waves met the shore.
The Nothing was furious as if elevated from the warm waters. Villagers were washed from their houses. Families were trapped in attics, and some were on roofs. Water was everywhere. Clothes, shoes, books and dishes were hanging out of mighty oaks. It looked like someone shot them out of cannons. Villagers looked like rag dolls wonderin around looking for the comfort of their toy boxes.
The Nothing stole the laughter of the children, birds' singing, shadow and color. Everythin was the color of gray not a green leaf to be found.
The sun rose, the Nothing came, the sun went to sleep. It happened just like that.
Everything was gone.
The villagers were so sad, so quiet, no more tears left.
As the days passed many lines were formed. One for food, one for water, clothes, medicine and everything you could imagine.
The doctor stood with the farmer. The baker stood with the banker. They exchanged stories of hardships, dreams, and made new friends.
Some of the villagers and Travelers dressed different. Some wore coats with patches some wore shirts with flowers. Some wore sandals and others wore boots.
And together they prayed.
Faith. Hope and Charity.
And the Angels smiled!
This is not the end - but a new beginning.
Written by: June Kerner-Cornwell, Lumberton, Miss.
P.S. Villagers please remember there is nothing more important than your life- nothing! See you Dec. 9 when we decorate the Christmas tree at the foot of the Bay St. Louis Bridge...........................The END......................................................
In the Sea Coast Echo June 3, 2006
I kept this because it really hit home. It really tells it just like it was. I'm sure other people know excatly what June was talking about.............God Bless............

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