Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Journey Ready to Move On

I think I'm going to be overjoyed to move into and to live in my house. I'm sitting here thinking back on all the places I've been and lived in , in the last 19 months. I'm tired of camping, I think it will be a very long time before I want to camp again. I'm ready to get settled back into my home and try to have a normal life again. Right now its still so overwhelming to go to a real house or even into a store. I have anxiety attacks. I hope I get over that soon. I guess you get so used to the confined place , which A Fema trailer, even a motel room, is a confined space. I know its not like a home is. It will be so nice to have some counter space. And to be able to walk around your bed without knocking your head on the t.v. shelf. And having a nice big bathtub, that you can really take a good bath, and soak for a hour !! And to have a real stove, and a washer and dryer. Oh Good God , I can't wait !! Here are a few pictures of what I have now. !! Which I've been fornuate to have, but its been a long journey. And I'm ready to move on.......God Bless.................

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