Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Journey: The No-See-Ums

Hi, Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been so busy and sick again. I'll be so glad to get out of this Fema trailer. But it could be all this crazy weather too. One day I have the A.C. on and the next the heater. Or during the day the A.C. and at night the heater. Soon tho it will be so hot we'll all wish for this cooler weather again. I remember in 2005, Feb. came , I turned the A.C. on and never turned it off until the day I left for Katrina. I think that had alot to do with the storms that year. It had been such a hot summer. I know I was so used to air condition, that I about had a heat stroke being out in that heat. The only thing that saved us was that artisian well and we had some electrolite pills. Summer is here for us now , and I don't for- see too many more cold nights. The love bugs are here and so are the dern nats. Oh yea, the mosquitos also, but they never left !! A nat bit me on my eyelid a while ago, so now my eyelid is swollen about shut! They are some awnrey little things. And the worst part is you can't even see them !! There was a article in the SeaCoastEcho the other day about them, it was Sat March 3rd. called,
I Fear I See No-See-Ums, by Paul Estronza LaViolette in the Views from A Porch.
LOL he calls then No-See-Ums, he said they're really called Culicoides, with several species. He says its only the females that bite. Golly there are millions of females then !! I'm not sure which is worse the nats or mosquitos! They are all annoying and bite! The dern nats will even come thru the screens. They come here in the spring and in the fall. I really feel sorry for all the people that have to be outside working around them. I've been lighting a fire in a big metal pan for the volunteers. If you get leaves and get a smoke fire going is the only thing I know that helps. The bug spray helps, but I think they get amuned to it !! Well I'll try to write more often. Take care ..........................God Bless..........................................

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